Money Back Policy

30 Day Money-Back-Guarentee Policy

For whatever reason, if you are unhappy with a product, you may submit a refund request within the course dashboard. 

When purchasing a course or product on this website, you are be granted a 30 day period in which you can request for your money back, starting from the moment that your purchase has been made. This gives you a peace of mind that, if you have any concerns or issues that effect your learning, then you are eligible to request a refund within this period!

It is important that you are thorough in your request, otherwise your request may be denied. Your feedback is highly valued, so be sure to let us know how we might be able to improve in future.


Request a Refund From the Course Dashboard

1. Navigate to the course Dashboard
2. Go to the Q&A Tab
3. Scroll down the page until you see the “FAQ” section. Click the option for the “30 Day Money-Back-Guarentee”
4. Complete the required form, submit your request, and await a response by email


Refund Procedure

After submitting your request, your message will be reviewed by a moderator before any action will take place. There are three typical responses that could take place:

1: Proposed Solution

You will receive a proposed solution to your issue. Perhaps an exchange for a more appropriate product? Or maybe we can provide more thorough explanations to help you understand some of the lessons? If there’s anything that we think might change your mind and make you satisfied, then we will let you know! If there is no potential solution to your issue, or we are unable to negotiate one, then your refund request will be granted.

2: Full refund

You will receive a full refund. All refunds are credited back via the card you used or your PayPal account. Once the refund has been granted, your access to the product will be revoked.

3: Your Request is Denied

In some instances your request may not be granted. Once your request has been rejected, you will not be eligible to re-apply. Please scroll down to learn more about why this may happen.


Refund Eligibility

Providing that you are within 30 days of purchasing your product, you are eligible to request for a refund. 

Downloadable products are excluded from the 30 day money-back-guarentee.

When requesting for a refund within the course dashboard, there is a ‘message’ field in the input form. You must use this field to elaborate on why you are making the request. 

Providing that your request is genuine and sincere, your refund request will be dealt with in a very satisfactory and timely manor. If your message is found to be un-true or poor, your request may not be granted, so please make sure to be thorough and genuine in your request. 


Reasons for Denied Refunds

Refund requests that are made after the 30 day period ends will not be granted. 

If you are found to have completed the course, or a significant amount of it, without constructive, genuine, or valid reasoning for your request, then your request may be denied. 

If all content was downloaded before the refund was requested, the refund request may be rejected. 

Vague, poorly given, un-true, or contradicting messages will most likely be rejected.

Finally, rudeness and insincere cooperation will not be tolerated, and may void your eligibility to request completely.