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  • Darryl Syms

    15th March 2020 at 3:18 am

    Oh man, this makes me nostalgic! Unfortunately these days I do not play live. Put simply, I find it hard to connect with like minded musicians at the moment, especially since moving to a different country (UK > Australia).

    The last band that I played in was an incredibly fun and amazing experience. We played at many popular festivals all around the South West of the UK, amongst some other events. One of the most noteworthy shows that we did was for the ‘British Fireworks Championships’. Scary, but cool! We wrote completely original Melodic Rock music, and it was a blast! Perhaps I’ll share some exclusive footage of the shows if anyone ever cares enough (it’s only amateur GoPro footage anyways).

    Anyways, I thought that I would share with you my live rig from when I was a performer. The Cornford MK50II is amongst the best amp I’ve heard, and I love every pedal on that board 💛 The Pink ‘Hamer’ guitar was one that I borrowed off of a friend (excellent instrument), and the second yellow RG was a replica of mine that I was building for a student 😋

    When I moved to Australia, I sold all of this (except the signature RG you all know). I’ve not used a ‘real amp’ for years now since I just play at home these days, but I can’t wait to play loud again! I very much look forward to playing live again when the time is right.

    Has anyone else here tried any of this gear? What’s your live rig?

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