CAGED Fretboard Visualisation Masterclass

How is it possible to remember and master all of the scales, modes, and chords on guitar, whilst having an impeccable sense of awareness on the neck when improvising or composing? Well the truth is - you don't need to remember all of this information! Experienced guitar players have the ability to build these principles 'on the spot', as a reflection of their ability to visualise the guitar neck at ease. This course will give you a method that will allow you to visualise your entire neck clearly, leaving little to no gaps in your knowledge of the fretboard.
· 5th July 2019

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Below, you will see the course syllabus. Please take your time and practice these lessons thoroughly for maximum benefits.

If you have any questions or comments along the way then you can post them either below any lesson, or in the classroom. It’s always worth checking the classroom to see if your question has already been answered, plus when you’re starting to get the hang of things here, you may also find some useful bonus lessons and tips there! 🙂  Best of luck to you! 🙌

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