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Excel your skills on the guitar more effectively than ever before through my guided and comprehensive online guitar courses. Develop all aspects of your guitar playing including – songwriting, modern techniques, music theory, improvisation, and applied practice.

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Structured lesson plans

YouTube is amazing - but it's easy to feel helpless, alone, lost, and overwhelmed. Here you will receive structure to your learning, with detailed videos, annotations, text transcripts, and diagrams, all to help make studying as fun and easy-to-follow as possible!

Connect with your classmates

Every course has an associated "classroom", which is kind of like a social media feed but exclusively for course related discussion. Students can ask questions, discuss topics, share progress, receive encouragement, and more.

Direct support from Darryl

Premium members can ask questions or post comments below any lesson, or in any classroom. In addition, all members can communicate with Darryl via private message right here on the website.


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Here's just a few - it doesn't get much better than this!

Value for money

You wont find better value for lessons of this caliber - trust me.

Set your own pace

Tackle the content at a speed that suits your lifestyle.


Everything from strikingly crisp video, multiple camera angles, annotations, diagrams, transcripts, tabs, etc.


Plenty of opportunity to engage with Darryl or fellow peers.

Zero Waiting!

Immediate access to all of the available resources after purchases.


Everything that you'll need to follow along including: diagrams, transcripts, tabs, and backing tracks.

Zero Waiting!

Immediate access to all of the available resources after purchases.


Everything that you'll need to follow along including: diagrams, transcripts, tabs, and backing tracks.


5.0 Star Rating

A truly brilliant course and unbelievable value!

This course is absolutely fantastic (and worth way more). If you want a better understanding of Music Theory then this is 100% for you. The structure of the lessons and the content proves that Darryl not only can play the guitar (obviously) but can TEACH it too which is rare. I feel I’m already improving and actually understanding what I’m doing rather than just relying on memory. You get the structure, content, transcripts for every lesson, PDF’s when needed, and can ask questions too. Honestly, it’s been the best purchase in my guitar learning journey so far. If you’re thinking about it, get it! Thanks so much, Darryl.

30th March 2021

This course should be prescribed for every guitarist out there.

I hardly ever purchase courses online but I purchased this one because I’ve been trying to get into caged. There’s many vids on it but no one is showing how to practice and implement it. I purchased this course and I’m not disappointed. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, exercises, drills and a systematic approach to learning all the caged shapes and corresponding scales. So glad for this course – I plan on adding these drills to my daily practice. I’m so excited as it’s really opened up the fretboard and takes a lot of mystery out of how play up and down the fretboard. I want to get so comfortable that I never feel lost again on the fretboard. For too many years I’ve been trapped inside minor pentatonic position 1 and just using e and a shape barre chords.

17th September 2020

For years I’ve fallen back on the same old bar chords/power chords and the same old licks, THIS will change that!

I’m working my way through Darryl’s instructional courses and they are doing me the world of good. I should have learned this stuff years ago but it’s never too late to start. I’m picking it up really well and I’m actually learning and progressing instead of playing the same old stuff I’ve been playing for years and got nowhere with. If you have been playing for years, like me, or just starting, start with the CAGED Masterclass, it’s absolutely what you need. You will see the fretboard differently, it will open everything up for you. GO! GO DO IT NOW! ✌️

3rd September 2020

Very very useful Masterclass!

Get this one. You won’t regret it!

21st June 2020

The value and what you get for the price is insane

I think the title of this class already said it. This has helped me a lot. Darryls way of teaching things is clear, easy to understand and logically build up and he is a calm very kind guy. Definitely would buy it again. 10/10!

23rd May 2020

This melodic finger picking masterclass is spectacular!

Darryl starts with the very basics showing clearly how to perform the technique, then he progresses to show a number of different example chord progressions (songs) using the technique. There are tabs and clear video shots showing how each chord and each song is played at a very slow tempo and then up to speed.

20th May 2020

This is definitely the best course for learning guitar music theory.

I’ve been buying lots of programs and watched youtube videos on music theory but never really understand them too well, but Darryl sets this program in an understandable order. Thank you so much, would definitely buy other programs too when you make them. Currently halfway through this program haha

3rd May 2020

I LOVE the transcripts written out for every lesson, that compliment the videos really well.

Absolutely great course so far, highly recommend it. It is thorough, easy to understand and covers all the topics which I’ve heard mentioned before, but never understood, in one comprehensive course. One of the things that I LOVE about it are the transcripts written out for every single lesson that compliment the video lesson really well. I love watching Darryl explain the topics in the videos, but I really like being able to have something to read at my own pace and study. The notes are very thorough and super helpful. Another thing worth mentioning is the support that you receive if you ever have any questions. He always replies really quickly with a thorough answer and clearly values his students. Highly recommend this course. A++

2nd March 2020

A must for all guitarists I feel.

Brilliant course, covers everything I wanted to learn to understand what I’m playing more and also unlock a vast amount of possibilities with my guitar playing. The guitar has definitely just opened up to me, and also a deeper understanding of music in general and how it can be worked out on other instruments.

28th January 2020

Easily one of my best purchases ever!

I’ve heard the CAGED system before but never knew that it would be this useful. Darryl explained it very well and helps me understand the whole system. This course will help you visualize the fretboard, thus making it easier to do things that you wanted on the guitar. Pentatonic across the neck? Not a problem! Building any chords along with inversions? Absolutely! Creating Harmony? Of course! Easily one of my best purchases ever! I really recommend it if you want to go further with your guitar playing!

3rd January 2020